HiCountryNet will be a dedicated network built specifically for the needs of Hi-Country Estates Phase 2. Hi-Country 2 is a unique and beautiful part of the Salt Lake Valley with beautiful mountainous views of the Salt Lake Valley that cannot be had elsewhere. Because of the rural nature of Hi-Country it makes internet by traditional providers a difficult proposition. HiCountryNet will be built specifically for the small number of homeowners tucked away in the far corners of Hi-Country 2.

HiCountryNet will be built by a fellow Hi-Country 1 homeowner who also has dealt with poor access to good internet.

There are some unique challenges to the network that we are building out, but the goal is to have a network that is capable of the highest speeds wireless has to offer, good equipment, and good reliability.

HCN cannot guarantee uninterrupted service. In a perfect world everything will work as planned and service can be quite stable, but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world and there may be some problems. The nature of the network that is being setup in hi-country 2 necessitates that it be solar powered as there are no power meters anywhere near where the access points need to be. Great effort and engineering has gone into the design of these solar powered points of presence (POP) to ensure long runtimes in the absence of sun (our winters here can really be brutal. :) Spare batteries will be kept on hand in the case of emergency, and expediency will be placed on the restoring of power in case power is lost. I just want everyone to know I will do my best to keep everything running smoothly and to please have patience when problems occur.

A 1-year contract will be necessary to help cover the costs of the build-out and there will be an installation cost of $150. I have included some common questions (see Frequency Asked Questions [FAQ] ) that may come up and I am of course open to comments and suggestions from you whom the network will service as to what you are looking for.